Gifts for Prayer for the Church of Norway 

Prayer for the Church of Norway (BNK) is registered in the Voluntary Register in Norway (Number 993 937 738) and operated on a voluntary basis. That means we depend on gifts.

BNK organizes prayer during all national leader meetings in the Church of  Norway nationally and encourages prayer for the leaders regionally and locally by sending out prayer information, email and in our prayer magazine. This making it easier to pray for specific chairs meetings of the church and their meetings.

Some of us work full time in the Prayer of the Norwegian church without salary. What you may give will cover a few of our expenditure and help us get further in their efforts to spread the fire of prayer in the Norwegian church (where nearly 80% of the populatin are member) and in Norway.

Bank account no NO86 1503 1072 805. (IBAN)
Bank name and adress: DNB Bank ASA. Pb 1600 Sentrum, 0021 Oslo.

Fast donor service?

If you have the opportunity to give something of the tide is fixed every month to BNK, the concrete strength BNK work to put prayer on the mapin the people and church. It will make our work easier since we know more what we can expect economic future. 

Thank you! Your gift will bring more of the glory of God to Norway!